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Goldfish Boat AS is a privately owned shipyard, building boats for professional users based on specification to fit into a mission located i Son. World class products through dedication and perfection.

Goldfish have the expertise and years of experience in custom designing boats for professional users with special needs and functional requirements. Our products are designed to be integrated with a long range of military capabilities We deliver boats for customers that require platforms with high performance, world class seagoing capabilities and functional solutions in combination with a high level of reliability and safety.

To achieve the overall accepted level of mission safety, a continuous focus on product safety is required. So this is what we strive for; giving our professional users the best performance and safest boat on the market. Through systematic analysis in different stages of design, we are identifying potential hazards and implementing efficient barriers to reduce the total risk picture for the mission.

Goldfish acknowledges that one of the most important factors for a successful mission is reliable materiel prepared for extreme environments. Through the use of our boats in operation and in endurance races, the materiel has proven itself reliable and durable. The boats have been tested in the most extreme environments ranging from arctic winter to tropical summer conditions. Weak points are identified and measures taken to improve the reliability further. We mainly use modified COTS equipment and self-produced products to be sure that the materiel is available when required.

We do what we are good at, and what we like most; delivering the finest boats on the market for the best operators.

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