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Panorama picture from Kristiansund Municipality in Norway


The ancient little red stavechurch, centrally situated on Grip, is a reminder of bygone days and generations. An inscription on one of the beams states thet the present church was built in 1621, but investigations made during later restorations have concluded that the church was built between 1470 and 1500. In summer, Grip is an ideal place for anyone who likes peace and solitude. You may potter around on your own between ropes and fishing nets, while the fresh breeze wafts about your face.

Is a stave church from the 15th century. It was rebuilt in 1621. The nave and chancel are of the same height, and this is one of the smallest remaining stave churches in Norway. It has been restored several times. The altar cabinet, which dates from 1520, is a gift of Dutch origin. Grip church has a very special, moving atmosphere. The opening hours correspond with the boat.